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CBD Gel 100 MG |  $39.95 $33.95


100% Organic
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CBD Gel 100 MG |  $39.95 $33.95


The only CBD-Enriched Gel that can be used by men, women or couples.

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Ultimate CBD Gel

Fast Acting | Safe For Play | Maximum Comfort

Ultimate CBD Gel Ultimate CBD Gel

No matter where you find yourself on the intimacy spectrum- flying solo or with your partner, CBD Gel is sure to enhance your comfort. Infused with CBD, the gel reduces inflammation, increases blood flow to the organs, and decreases pain signalling.

CBD Gel helps increase comfort in users, and may help improve user's experience.

  • VOLUME 50 ml
    50 ml
  • TOTAL CBD 5000 mg
    100 mg
  • PRODUCT TYPE All Natural
    All Natural
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Benefits Of CBD Gel

Experience Comfort & Satisfaction With CBD Gel

CBD Gel 100 MG CBD Gel 100 MG
  • Stimulates Arousal & Desire May Help Stimulate Arousal & Desire

    CBD Gel may help increase arousal and desire for you and your partner ensuring more satisfying intimacy.

  • Increases Comfort During Sex May Increase Comfort

    Reduces inflammation and pain signalling to reduce pain & increase comfort.

  • Enhances Sexual Performance May Help Improve Circulation

    CBD Gel may help users improve circulation and improve degree of stimulation.

  • Intensifies Orgasms & Pleasure Fun To Use!

    CBD Gel is fun to use, whether you are with your partner or flying solo!

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How CBD Gel Works To

Reduce Pain & Increase Comfort

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The CBD Gel from Ultimate CBD Labs is infused with a blend of ingredients that may help improves natural lubrication and reduce skin inflammation. This helps with pain reduction and elevated comfort levels.

  • Step 1
    Stimulates Natural Lubrication

    Increased lubrication has been linked to reduced pain during and after intimacy, while also potentially heightening sensation for women.

  • Step 2
    Reduces Inflammation

    Herbal extracts soothe and cool the skin to enhance comfort which leads to longer and more pleasurable encounters.

  • Step 3
    Boosts Blood Flow To Organs

    May improve erection quality and frequency, improving confidence, stamina, staying power and performance in men.

  • Step 4
    Decreases Pain Signaling

    Reduced pain signaling also improves comfort and relaxation, potentially enabling longer close encounters for both men & women.

Improve Your Sensual Comfort Today

The only CBD Enriched Gel that can be used by men, women or couples to improve comfort & performance.

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100% All Natural Ingredient Matrix

For Comfort & Performance

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CBD Gel Today

Take your love life to the next level and enjoy closeness that is both satisfying and intense.

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The Ultimate CBD Labs Promise

Ethical Extraction, Powerful Formulation, & Quality Packaging

30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

At Ultimate CBD Labs we are committed to delivering quality products to help you get the results that you deserve. However, in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the results, just return the product within 30 days for a full refund.

The guarantee is only valid when Ultimate CBD Labs is purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Real People. Real Results

Success Stories of Ultimate CBD Labs Customers


Greater pleasure & comfort!

I have been using this gel for about 2 months and I can confidently say it has completely eliminated the pain that I used to feel during and after sexual intercourse. I am finally able to enjoy better sex with my boyfriend.

Star Ratingby MK   Verified Customer

Both my wife and I love it!

We found this online and ordered it. It arrived in 4 days promptly and safely via post. The Gel is like none other that we have used from the "popular brands", apart from the lubrication, it really elevates stimulation and arousal to a whole new level! Highly recommended

Star Ratingby Anonymous   Verified Customer

Complete Orgasm Amplifier

I am pretty hooked to using this gel with my sex toys, not only does it enhance comfort but also helps me enjoy truly earth-shattering orgasms! Unlike other lubes, no redness, no infections & no stains.

Star RatingChelsie K.   Verified Cutomer

I can last all night!

Just a few drops to lube up and my libido and staying power skyrocket, allowing me to have harder erections, more stamina and pleasure my wife like never before. More than me, my wife keeps it handy on the nightstand.

Star RatingJH   Verified Customer

Supercharge You Love Life Today

The only CBD-Enriched Gel that can be used by men, women or couples.

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